Rainforest Trust

Rainforest Trust have been helping to protect tropical forests through in country partnerships and community engagement for over 30 years.

Their incredible work has resulted in saving over 34 million acres of threatened rainforest from deforestation and a huge 23.5 billion trees being protected so far - that's oxygen for 47 BILLION people!

These incredible ecosystems are not only imperative to the fight against climate change and protection of rainforests, they also help to save endagered species and positively impact the homes of indigenious communities.

Why Rainforests Matter
Your Impact

Every single 'Environment' product purchased has a direct impact on the protection of tropical forests. Through the purchase your skincare products, you are saving acres of land from deforestation.

Climate Change

Hyram and Dr. James Deutsch, CEO at Rainforest Trust, discuss how important Tropical Forests are for storing CO2.

A large contributor of climate change is deforestation. Rainforest Trust work to protect land and tropical forests from deforestation, positively impacting the earth and our climate crisis. When forests are cut down or destroyed the stored carbon is released into the air as carbon dioxide, largely contributing to the global climate crisis.

Saving forests from deforestation means that carbon can continue to be stored within the forests, helping to protect the earth climate.

Conservation and Biodiversity

Rainforest Trust partner with local conservation organizations in order to protect land and its biodiversity. Conservation and protecting endangered species is a passion for Rainforest Trust and a big focus of their work goes towards the protection of endangered species.

Tropical forests contain over 66% of the worlds biodiversity and through their amazing work, Rainforest Trust have so far, helped to protect forests that are home to 345 endangered mammals, 468 endangered birds and 250 endangered amphibians.

*data sourced from Rainforest Trust

Forest Communities

Indigenous people depend on forest biodiversity for their livelihoods. Approximately 28% of the worlds land surface is managed and home to indigenious communities, these areas provide shelter, food and are hotspots are biodiversity.

Forests provide more than 86 million green jobs and support the livelihoods of many more so by protecting forests, we are protecting people too.

*data sourced from Rainforest Trust

Where your impact is being made

'The Amazon, home to indigenous peoples and more plants and animals than anywhere else on Earth, is burning, threatening our hopes for a safe climate. But it's not too late to draw the line. Through this extraordinary partnership between Selfless by Hyram and Rainforest Trust, you can help save two million acres of the Bolivian Amazon from fire and deforestation. Thank you for your support!'
- James Deutsch, CEO Rainforest Trust

The Bajo Paragua forest of Eastern Bolivia has been hit hard by illegal logging and forest fires in recent years,losing 5-10% of its land mass in the 2020 fire season. If these trends continue, the entire forest, an area one and a half times the size of Delaware, will be lost within a few years.

Rainforest Trust are working to safeguard and protect over 2 million acres of rich, lowland rainforest from further fire disasters and deforestation. They are working with a local partner who will train, equip and deploy patrols and fire brigades to protect both the forest and its local community.