Reducing Packaging Impact

No packaging solution is perfect, but we consider many things in order to try and make the best choices possible. New, more sustainable packaging technologies are emerging all of the time and we commit to regularly challenging our packaging solution to continually improve.

Carbon Neutral

Our tubes are made from sugarcane, which is farmed sustainably in Brazil from Bonsucro certified sources. Sugarcane grows very quickly making it a great renewable source. The entire production of the packs does not release any more carbon into the atmosphere that it takes out, making them carbon neutral as a minimum. Something that we verify via our carbon footprint process.

Recycle Ready,
100% Recyclable

Unfortunately, recycling systems are flawed and vary from country to country meaning that not everything we put in our recycling is going to get recycled. These systems need to improve. However we have worked with the Association of Plastic Recyclers and taken several steps to give our tubes the best chance possible!

1. Mono-material: Our tubes are made from mono-material - the whole tube including the cap is all the same material which is 100% recyclable.
2. Size: Too small and often recycling doesn't get picked up and falls through the gaps. By being able to recycle with cap on, our tubes sit within the size range to reduce the chance of this happening.
3. Colour: Too dark increases the chances of a pack not being picked up in the system. We've kept our tubes above the required lightness.
4. Our cartons are made from 100% recyclable FSC sources and are also made from 91% recycled materials. We also use vegetable based inks.

How to recycle

Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Finish using your product
2. Cut off the top
3. Use remains
4. Rinse it out
5. Recycle!

Always check with your local recycle facility!