Meet the Selfless Circle

These talented creators are our new brand ambassadors, but they are SO much more than that. We chose them not only for their passion for skincare, but for how they champion positive impact, inclusion & community.
We want to help their voices shout a bit louder by bringing their unique POVs to you guys. We think they are pretty cool, & we know you will too.

Through the Selfless Circle, we hope to bring you fun content & real convos, to help everyone in our community feel seen, heard & accepted. We’re so excited to start this journey together!

Let’s say hi!

Skin situation: texture, redness & breakouts

'I don't know, I just go with the flow I guess.' - Imani King, aka me

Meet Imani Shop Imani's Routine
Skin situation: acne, sensitivity & hyperpigmentation

'Just living is not enough, one must have freedom, sunshine, and a little flower.'

Meet Isabella Shop Isabella's Routine
Skin situation: blemish-prone

'Comparison is the root of all anxiety'

Meet Eddie Shop Eddie's Routine
Skin situation: hyperpigmentation & dehydration

‘A positive mindset brings positive things’

Meet Evelyn Shop Evelyn's Routine