Selfless Circle

My name is Imani and I'm 20 years old. I feel like I'm a pretty awkward/shy person at first. But when I come out of my shell, I'm pretty cool.

I love anything that has to do with creation. Photography and videography are 2 big passions of mine.

Imani: The lowdown


If you could only use one skincare product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Any Korean sunscreen you can give me. They are the best!


Video or image posts?

Mmm, I'll have to say video posts! I feel like I give myself more freedom with video creation than photos.


What’s your favorite time of day?

The morning time! I'm an early riser and love the morning light. Something about going to Trader Joe's first thing in the morning gets my mood up.


Who do you turn to when you’re sad?

Probably my cats or my grandmother. 


What’s something about you that people would be surprised to

I know how to figure skate! I'm more of a jumper than a spinner. 


Guilty pleasure?

Pizza, anything Marvel, and Trader Joe's.


What is your favorite hobby?

I really enjoy cooking and reading. 


Star sign?

I'm a proud Scorpio sun with a Pisces Rising and Libra moon.


What’s the first thing you notice about people?

The first thing I notice about people is probably their smile or eyes. 


What do you love about your skin?

I love how much my skin has taught me, mainly about my outlook on life, and remember to keep an open mind. I feel like I wouldn't be who I was today without experiencing acne. I grew up feeling so insecure but now I know that acne is a natural thing that happens to a lot of people. It's not one of those things that can magically go away by just drinking water for a lot of us. But I think if I never experienced acne, I would have believed that.

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